Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love music? Love it through a jukebox

The holidays have kept me and Saint St busy. But not so busy where I couldn't meet some new friends and learn of a cool promotion where you can win a jukebox. Chuck Gullo - one of my new friends - and his biz partner Mr. Casey Kasem are running a great promotion with a killer grand prize. Go gettum tiger. Would make a nice gift on my desk!

Here is the info. Have fun and good luck. You'll need it. 'cause I'm going all out!!!

To All Music Lovers,

This is your chance to enter to win your own personal mini-jukebox just in time for the holidays! No purchase necessary - just click on the link below to visit our website and enter to win. Take some time to browse the site and enjoy the music. If you do want to purchase any CDs, be sure to enter the promotion code JUKE at checkout to receive $3.00 off your order!

Please feel free to forward this special offer on to family and friends.

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