Sunday, November 23, 2008

If you never give back, then now is the time to step up and quit hating on yourself and us

I've been known to stand up on my soapbox and shout about inumerable topics. Especially this time of year when I always get thinking about others: those in need, those who help those in need and just those who need a little extra love and encouragement. Heck, I personally fall into all three categories. We all do if you think about it hard enough.

So I wanted to shout out to a few orgs and peeps that I feel do a great job taking care of all of us this time of year:

Union Gospel Mission in Seattle
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Seattle Police Department
King County Sherrif Department
Seattle Fire Deparment

It doesn't take a lot of effort or money to help another person, bring a smile to the face of someone who needs a smile, to make a difference.

Try it on. Try it twice. Try it every day between now and Xmas. Try it for eight days in a row and light some candles. Just don't not try it.

Haters go hate. Me, I'm going to help.


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