Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fortuitous visit to the great warm tundra

I'm ending a six-day trip to Cali today. Without argument I enjoyed myself tremendously, reconnected with love ones and old friends, and struck new relationships and unions with some peeps that we at Saint St. are going to keep our EYE on. Prospects of friendships and opportunity, short- and long-term are fortuitous...and maybe just a wee bit serendipitous.

And for those of you who are hating on the miserable blues of a Seattle November, follow my lead and get yourself down to the beach, the desert, a mountain or any and all in beautiful So Cal. Do it. The experience will pay dividends and help clear the mind for the a good run through the winter in store.

New friends: - the new album is gonna win over the core of the core... - I picked up some new Emerica's, but stayed 20 ft. from a sure disaster on wheels...check out the deals this XMAS and holiday season...great inventory - fun in a box, stretching and lengthening, 3.5k feet of peace, professionalism and tranquility and some serious "bball better you ol' man" style of rehab. Worlds greatest vibrating happiness in a $10,000 package - Power Plate. If you know, you know...and I would too. Thank you Jo. - Casey Kasem and Chuck Gullo are tapping into our minds nostalgic. Those birds are keeping us all singing along on ridiculously long road trips and unnecessarily anxious reunions... - Fazio+Lohman+a little Flick core operational principles+ODV customer service=the next great So Cal public experience...a gem of a little sister to the all wonderful Pelican Hill...
She She on El Paseo - Congrats to Kara, Amy and hubbies for having the coolest of the cool...for having a great collection of purple, and for not trading out everything with Pacific Pilates...wouldn't have been nearly as fun if you had...check it out next time you go rockin the boutique boulevard of hallowed El Paseo...73199 El Paseo # HPalm Desert, CA 92260(760) 779-0417....

To all, thanks for the memories:
Scirrocco in PD
Paula Spencer and perfect customer service at the Hyatt Grand Regency in Indian Wells
Priceline - joker smokers
PD to Vista to OC to PD...two tanks of gas and 250 airtime minutes later - Thanks Megs and the G1....
M. Pierce...hold tight young man, Saint St. is coming a calling...

New chapters, old tricks, new ways, and life. Our life.

Saint St. Our life.


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