Thursday, December 4, 2008

Delays handled the right way....

What to do with an extra 1.5 hrs at the PS Airport...

Two 2o oz Widmer clouded hefers with lovely golden goodness +

CLOW's iTunes Rockya Beatch playlist, smartly shuffled +

Some inspiration for sharper copy for client Pacific Pilates along with the motivation of spending three half-days in the center the past week =

The beginning...

Keep an eye out for the new and improved website and positioning. They are growing - adding Kris was smart, and I'm not just saying that because my knee is stronger and butt(s) are tired little muscles - and they are already #1 in the Valley. Look out.

Making a difference. And as a client and partner, I can attest. Will attest. Have attested.

New site will push around Xmas/New Year's. Fun stuff.



PS - does Alaska Airlines do anything well? Anything, ever? And to the haters and naysayers of Saint St. Good luck to you.

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