Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TV: I miss you my little friend...

First off, my love for you TV runs deep. Not as much as my love for my person, my exes, or my Moms who loves her MEATLOAF, but deep.

I think of you often. Just hanging there on my wall, articulating when I feel like turning you to your good side.

You will all those shows saved up, DVR humming with action. So many good shows and games and final rounds. So much love just needing to be called upon.

Remote control just yearning for a little skin. A touch. Some action. Anything to express more than just admiration. I know, you need affirmation of a commitment. And all I'm giving you today is want. So much want.

Soon. Maybe in a few weeks upon my return. When I'm not working, or talking, or at the WAC, I will show you the attention you need. I promise. I will prioritize.

So hang in there. Keep looking like a million. I'll come back to you.

I always do.


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