Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Officially...Day #1...10 hours straight and counting

Wow...if you have never owned your own business, lemonade stands included, it is hard work.

Today has been glorious.

Many people are to thank:

Nate Avila, CD - Saint St., just awesome work.

Brand Wright, Pres - Saint St., way to keep me in check. Hard work.

ELOW, Brother of CLOW, way to be smarter than smart. And bustin my chops. Now go run a golf course and love that niece of mine - hi Laurendo.

Megan Parker, Chief of Staff and Jack of Jacks and mother to Brooklyn - Saint St., thanks for coming on board. Wow...lots of work.

Tim Pilgrim, near and dear friend, awesome guy, average arm at 3rd base - thanks for being the smartest of the group of smarties...seriously smart. Motivatingly smart. MIT smart...take that Rico and BBaker.

DLOW, Mother of ELOW and CLOW and crazy like a fox...you made them, and they are a handful...but we love you and BLOW nonetheless....next time, no club throwing allowed. Also, B's and a 3.0 was a joke. Too low.

The men and woman of 14/Four...for Spokane...it just doesn't get better. Nate and Jared, thanks for letting me finally take that Jeff. Safe travels to the bosses looking for dev help in CR...

And finally, Barack....stay healthy...stay focused....don't let them win....don't let them change you...grow into your role, but fast....you have two years starting tomorrow....run, don't walk...make us proud....leave re-election up to us...run our nation....and please, please...hire only the best...smart, sensible, experienced leaders...leave the friends and family hires for the last two years (7-8). We are here for you.

Saint St. day 1:

1. We launched a website and wrote and designed 80% within 24 hours of launching. So if your agency says, "I need six weeks and 75k," that's a big crock of bullshiz.

2. We pitched a global endorsement deal to Gatorade and Pepsi on behalf of a friend...a new friend...a friend who will win more gold gloves, support his local peeps in Venezuela and continue to rock as a man, husband, dad and all around great chap.

3. We drafted, reviewed and submitted press release #1 - sent it to all the playas...thanks for the editing support....and I'm glad MLOW left for a few minutes so I could turn the 7.1 up to 85%...windows shook.

So today was fun...tomorrow?....



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