Monday, November 3, 2008

Awesome when it works perfectly - CLOW's Pot Roast

First you sear the roast - doesn't have to be Prime, it's a roast - in a pan. But only after you rub that sweet piece of meat with a special rub. For mine, I include:

- Sweet paprika (for a sweet piece of meat)
- Cayenne (careful ladies)
- Chili powder
- Kosher salt (big grain)
- Fresh cracked black, pepper that is
- Dried thyme
- Dried oregano

Place the rubbed meat into a pan scorching hot, bubbling with olive oil or canola oil. Leave it there partially covered for 6-7 minutes. Open the windows, turn on the fan, put on your oxygen tank (burning cayenne is equivalent to freebasing pepper spray...not that I would know). Turn it over, and sear the back side of this sweet, sweet piece of meat. And by the way, the more your burn it, the sweeter she gets. You've got to lock in the beautiful sweetness by burning the outside. Kind of like what a Cougar does on a sunny day in NB.

Once seared, somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 minutes or so, add the rest of the ingredients that will produce god's gift to slow cooking...

-Yellow potatoes
-Sweet onions, preferably from Walla Walla (shout out to Brandon and Crystal and the #1 college in WA St - Whitman)
-Halved button mushrooms (good ol' fashioned nasties - clean them first. Pigs poop.)

Now for the special stuff:
-Pour in two cans of PBRD (if you don't know what this is, you aren't Theta Delta). Any two cans of light, cheap beer will do.
-Add additional pinches of the aforementioned rub
-Add five cloves of garlic, coarsely chopped
-Add five sprigs of fresh rosemary. Tastes better if you steal it from your neighbors bush. Just because.

Through your oven to 350. Wait. Warm up that bad boy. The wait is well worth it.

Now put in your concoction. Covered in a big pot. Let her cook. Good and cook.

After a few hours, open up your oven and smell. If it smells like The Herbfarm, Le Bernadin or your grandma's kitchen in Yreka,'ve made it A-OK.

If it smells like the Olive Garden, Sizzler, or like anything you cooked between the ages of 18-25, then you are probably still OK, just don't brag to anyone.

The meat will melt. No need for a knife.

Potatoes will taste a little earthier, a little spicier, and just plain perfect if you ask me or Flay.

So go for it.

This whole dish, if you have the core spices avail, costs in the neighborhood of $12 to make.

For two people you can choose: Supersize that dead ass cow patty and never rotting fries; or, you can savor near perfection in a pan.

And this dish would not have come to life in my mouth without the love and support of Mama Lohman herself, in town to enjoy fall in Seattle. Thanks Mom.


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