Tuesday, December 22, 2009


New client = new ecommerce site...THE Swimwear Destination...www.swimspot.com.

Great people behind the project. The leader in swimwear manufacturing - Raj Manufacturing - has branched out and created their own ecomm site. Lots of suits, The Spot allows for fun 2-way interaction, and ongoing promotions, incentives, and all things swimwear.

We just launched an hilarious promotion on The Spot - "Make Her Look Fab!" The HER is Britney Spears...who always seems to need a makeover, or some serious counseling.

Great prizes including a VIP trip for 2 to LA to sit in on a Designer Swimwear Shoot. Winners aren't guaranteed to be included in the shoot, but if you win and are smokin in a bikini, you never know.

Have some fun. Check out swimspot.com.

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