Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saint St. is picking up steam...sorry the blogging has slowed down

Well I've returned to Seattle from a great three-week holiday trip to So Cal. I loved every minute reconnecting with friends and family, and making some new friends along the way.

Upon return, my Seattle friends did reaffirm to me that the weather in Seattle was truly remarkable with more cold and wet than what they would have liked. One friend in particular (Jason C. with T-Mobile) informed me that he was snowbound in his house for 10 straight days. He only left to hit up his local supermarket and local pub - two things no sane man could live without. I love Seattle. Have for 15 years. But I can't wait for it to warm's cold to the bone when it is clear. And when it is raining, well, the rain will affect even the most positive of people. Looking forward to spring.

Saint St. is cooking. Here are some highlights that at this time I can share:
1. PACLAND has named us agency of record. This is especially exciting because I supported them and a big branding effort going back a few years that included yearlong planning, a new website, direct mail, interior signage, major event and promotion development/management, PR/CR, trade association mgmt, etc. The new scope of work is still being defined but it does include planning, campaign development, video production, a yearlong DM drip campaign, sports marketing, PR/CR, a new website and a variety of other components to help the regional civil engineering firm better target developers and architect firms to go along with the outstanding work they do with big box retailers, MSFT, and major developments up and down the west coast. Check them out
2. is a web application that allows for schools and PTSA's to stay connected on a daily basis with parents and families. Launched in 2001 (I was formerly on their advisory board), they have hired and partnered with Saint St. (we have become minority owners) to help develop PO v.2. The new app will do an even better job of aggregating family calendars and all the various activities that kids and their parents do as they relate with schools and local youth groups. Additionally we are going to create tools so parents can interact with one another and teachers, asking questions, offering advice, dialoging about things that affect them every day. These social network tools will provide even great value to those who use PO and ensure the company is positioned well for growth and expansion. After seven years, the company is going strong thanks to the leadership and vision of founder Kathy Cox who is a near and dear friend and associate.
3. After executing a great World Series promotion with Dioner Navarro of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (thank you Dioner) and the Boys & Girls Clubs, we are continuing our support of the organization, specifically the fundraising and marketing efforts of the Kirkland Boys & Girls Club. Doug Wozeniak - Executive Director, and Brook Eglin - Marketing and Fundraising Lead, along with the whole staff and board work tirelessly to advance the livelihoods of today's youth. I'm inspired just by walking through their doors, which honestly doesn't happen enough. You can learn more about ways to help them out at
4. Old friend Robert A. Christopfel, CPA is looking to evolve his practice which is based in some of the coolest space in Pioneer Square. We are developing a new identity for him and a paper series and will be installing an eco and visually friendly sign for him on his historic building sometime in early February.
5. On the sports marketing front we are working with a local university and their athletic department as well as a leading golf destination in So Cal...but we can't quite share those stories with you as of yet. Soon we hope.

Now as far as the blog goes, I'm working on some feature articles all having to do with social media and the learnings that I have generated having worked at great shops like Wexley School for Girls and Visible Technologies.

The core themes are as follows:

1. Be Brave and Smart When Marketing and Engaging Directly in Social Media
2. Build the Right Foundation Before Your Company Jumps into an Ongoing Social Media Program
3. Key Lessons When Social Media Starts to Bark Back

As these get penned, I will post them here and share with all. Too many good lessons to not share with folks who intend on making a positive impact in SM. Social media is a great place to listen and learn about what resonates with consumers and is a great medium to add to a smart integrated media program. Tap, tap, tap...

Happy New Year.


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