Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stand up and act

Short list:

1. Kids need our love and support. Without coaches, they will be lost. When lost, they might wander off. 

Lawrence Phillips
Tank Johnson
Josh Hamilton
Amy Winehouse
Kurt Cobain

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

2. If you think of others, and more specifically, help others, the net effect is you will help yourself.

3. By serving yourself only (you, your immediate family, your immediate concentric circle of influence), your life will be mildly rich, rewarding and succesful. Great people leave a legacy that affects others beyond their own.

4. We live in the finest nation in all the land. Take care of her, love her, cherish her, celebrate her. We are all from a different land, but have been blessed with the ability to live, procreate, and establish our own footprints in these United States. Stand up and sing the national anthem. Take off your hat. Thank a veteran on Veterans Day. Memorialize a veteran or a group of veterans on Memorial Day. When you come across a serviceman or woman, say thinks, wish them luck and with pride, SMILE. They need that. You would too.

5. Love yourself. If you don't you will never love anyone else as well as you are able to. And the "others" in your life need your love. So train yourself, on yourself, and don't be afraid to recognize what is best in you. I see it. You should.


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