Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coworkers should be friends...they are at Saint St., and they were at VT

I've been lucky. I've worked with some brilliant, creative, smart, stern, direct, benevolent, lovely, crazy, lazy (you know who you are), sensitive, ethical, and just downright special peeps. 

The relationships that have worked, and many have, I truly recognize as a blessing. That is why I continue to work with you, or beg you to come work with me, for me, or to even become boss - again.

If only Tim Pilgrim would come back to the nest. Someday. 

Check out David Passiak with Visible Technologies( hangs with these guys in NY. Now that guy, connected. And is cool and humble. Yep.

At VT, we have some amazing peeps. Smart. MIT smart. Fun. Just check out 

VT is hiring. Let us know what you're good at. What you know. Who you know. Explain how you know it. And share with us something special. Special makes us pay attention.

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